Company Name:
Future Modeling Technologies Pty Ltd
Trading Names:
FMT, TomorrowX
Company Type:
January 2006
Melbourne, Australia
Shareholders Include::
Founder, Staff, Private Investors, IBM

To survive and prosper, enterprises must constantly change. Increasing competitive pressure, evolving business models, constantly changing customer expectations and increased threats demand not only change, but the ability to change rapidly. Those who change the fastest win.

Enterprises run on IT systems so the ability to rapidly change them is essential to success. But over time, many enterprises have added more and more IT systems to meet their evolving business requirements and in doing so have created impediments to rapid change. While the emergence of cloud applications, mobile technologies and intelligent devices has helped to deliver change, it has also added to the complexity. At a time when the need for security has never been greater, this added complexity has only served to make enterprises fundamentally less secure.

Many businesses struggle not only to modernize applications, digitize processes and optimize user experiences, but also to make simple changes without having to launch long and expensive IT programs. Traditional approaches to this problem take too long, are too expensive and bring significant risk. Most importantly they require invasive surgery to legacy systems which are painful to change.

So how can we enable rapid change despite complexity, legacy and other barriers?

How can we increase security and reduce risk in the process? 

What if we could unleash your disruption, despite complexity?

The Solution: Octopus™

Analyst View:
Gartner Cool Vendor