Future Modeling Technologies Pty Ltd
Private Company
January 2006
Melbourne, Australia
Shareholders Include::
Founder, Staff, Private Investors, IBM

The enterprise environment is constantly changing and the need for immediate change to systems is constant. This may be driven by new market systems and data sources to adapt to, customer satisfaction enhancements, 'native' interface to new consumer devices or fixes to new security and risk concerns, such as from audit. 

And while over the years we've had numerous waves of I.T. to help make system development faster, easier and less error-prone, there has been no change to the alternatives available for system change and augmentation.  

Until now, there have been only two choices: 

1. System Enhancement and Maintenance and 
2. System Migration. 

FMT now provides the third: 

3. Octopus™    

Octopus™ serves to address one of the most significant challenges in today’s enterprise world: how to change, augment, secure and enhance existing and legacy systems.

Octopus™ is preferred because it is fast to deploy and has been the lowest cost and lowest risk option. Its impact on the market could be revolutionary, considering the system-dependent world we live in and the constant need for change.
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